Do you know your co2 levels , are they safe or not ..

Till today many may still not know how to determine your co2 level in your aquarium. Whether is the co2 sufficient or insufficient. Whether a high-tech tank with co2 cylinder or a low-tech D.I.Y yeast co2 mixture. It is always better to have something that you could judge and know the condition of your aquarium.

Below is a CO2 Checker which there are varieties of co2 checker brands as well. I picked the one simply just for demonstration purposes only.

Get Any Brands Of Co2 Checked Available In Store

CO2 Level Indicator Reagent/Chart

CO2 Level Indicator Reagent/Chart ( Chinese )
Read the instruction labelled at the side of the bottle, drop counts may be vary .

Slowly Drips Liquid

Until The Adequate Amount ( read your instruction on bottle )

Flip It Over, Make Sure The Liquid Stays Inside

Stick It On Aquarium Glass

It will Gradually Change Colors Over A Few Hours
CO2 Checker would require some time to present you the actual or more accurate coloration so be patient and give it a couple of hours just to be safe. Having a dark green means it is insufficient co2 in your aquarium, making it difficult for high demand plants to thrive such as HC, Hemianthus Callitrichoides. Where as having too much of CO2 would gas out your livestock. If seen any fishes gasping for air near the water surface, provide oxygen or lower down your co2.
A way to easily determine and control your co2 amount released is by using a bubble counter.
If you are wondering how much CO2 Bubble Per Second(BPS) need for your aquarium, I couldn’t answer you that as every aquarium may be vary and depends on the amount of plants and the demand of the plants as well.A recommended co2 bps is around 3, where higher demand plants require about 4-8. This is a very subjective matter, so it is advisable for you to do a try and error for your co2 setup.

If you do not have livestock in your aquarium, you may crank up the co2 bps till insane level as you wish. It wont kill your plants but fasten the growth of your plant and over health. Coloration of plants would too look intense.
If you require super high co2 bps but your fish is already gasping for air,
providing extra O2 Oxygen is your alternate way to keep the fish happy and still cranking up for more co2 into your aquarium.
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