Many might be asking what exactly are the foods we should feed our shrimps ? The best natural foods for shrimps are bio films and  it’s a collection of microorganisms that is anchored on a surface in an aqueous environment but bio film will never always be there and that is why we should supply them with supplements such as commercial foods and also natural foods like indian almond leafs, mulberry leafs and many more..

Here are some foods that I usually feed my shrimps with a random routine of choices :
– Glasgarten Bacter Ae
– Glasgarten Betaglucan
– Glasgarten Shrimp Dinner
– Genchem Biozyme
– SL Aqua Magic Powder
– Hikari Algae Wafer
– Snowflakes
– Mulberry Leaves
– Indian Almond Leafs
– lowkeys B18 Power Protein

How much and how often should we feed our shrimps ?

Regardless how we love to watch our shrimps eats and especially when they form a shrimp ball look when they all comes together eating dry foods please be caution and beware that you might overfeed them sometimes and some of the remaining foods / excess foods might slip through the substrate where shrimps are unable to reach out for it. In the long run this might cause negative impact to your water column and also affect the overall tank health. I personally feed my shrimps every 2-3days to keep bio load lows as I have green walls for them to graze on whenever they feel like eating. Having green algae on walls also improves the survival rates of shrimplets to graze on as well , I highly encourage everyone to grow at least one side of your aquarium glass with algae .. it is a plus for shrimp keepers that are seldom home or often heading out for work and holidays.

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