Pinnochio Shrimp

RM5.00 RM4.50

Greatest Algae Eater Shrimp

Maximum Size : Males 1.3” Females 1.0”

Males will have a bit more red on their bodies
KH/GH : 0-2 3-5
Difficulty: Moderate
TDS 100-200
Intolerant of Ammonia or Nitrites
Nitrate should be less than 20 ppm
Diet : Omnivore, scavenger and filter feeder. Will eat many fish foods.
Habits : Said to be less shy than many shrimps.
Tankmates : Small fish, such as neon, cardinal tetras, and harlequin rasboras. Best in a shrimp-only aquarium.

Like most aquarium shrimp, Pinocchio shrimp aren’t picky eaters at all. They are omnivores that naturally eat anything they can find. In the aquarium they’ll enjoy picking at algae and biofilm, although you should supplement their diet with shrimp foods as well as extras like frozen foods or blanched veggies.