Mini Puffer


Temperament : Territorial/aggressive
Diet : Carnivore/Predatory (snails)
Size : up to 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Lifespan : up to 4 years


Pygmy puffer fish care crucially depends on the proper feed. It doesn’t matter what the sellers say, since in the real life the fish doesn’t eat flakes or granules.

In the wild they feed on snails, small spineless species and insects. If you don’t keep to this diet the fish will starve.

The best way to create a fortified diet for dwarf puffer is to feed it with small snails (Physa, ramshorn snails, MTS) and frozen feed.

If we speak about frozen one – favorite dwarf puffer fish food is blood worm, daphnia and brine shrimps. If your fish refuses to feed on frozen feed you can mix it with the live feed. Nothing improves the fish appetite as live and moving feed.

You can give snails to dwarf puffer regularly, since they are its basic food in the wild and the fish uses snail’s shell to mill its teeth.