Check out the simple steps requirement to start shrimp keeping ..

So what are the basic stuff that we required to start shrimp keeping ?
As we all know everyone that are truly passionate and badly want to have a shrimp right now would read through all the information I shared below. Please note that the below statement are all based on my experience and what I had learn from the internet and shrimp keeping enthusiast that I met out there. I urge everyone to read through everything and not killing tons and tons and tons of these cute looking shrimps. They are attractive but not until you killed them!

Let’s start shall we ?

1. Tank Size

Different sizes of tank houses different amount of shrimps,
eg. 15cm cube tank houses 6-8 shrimps , 1ft tank houses 20-30 shrimps, 2ft tank houses 40-70 shrimps and so on ..
The larger the tank size the better living environment you’ll be providing these shrimps and in returned, you will have colony of healthy active shrimps constantly breeds for you.

2. Filtration

Filtration is very important for all livestocks in aquarium. It stores beneficial bacteria in within your aquarium and most of it lives in your filtration. For people who are serious in shrimp keeping, I advise you to have at least 1 or 2 Sponge Filters in your aquarium. If budjet isn’t a problem please purchase a Hang On Back Filter or even better, Canister filter.
Find out why we need filtration –
  1. To house bacteria / bacteria to take part living in
  2. Foods for juvenile shrimps ( sponge filter )
  3. Maintain a healthy water
  4. Water Aeration

3. Substrate

You have to decide which shrimp are you keeping, Caridina or Neo-Caridina. One lives in a much acidic environment and the other doesn’t.
( please proceed to photo album to find out which is the two species mentioned )
For Caridina Shrimps,
use substrates that would buffer the PH lower
for an example : ADA Amazonia , SL Aqua , Benibachi etc..
For Neo-Caridina Shrimps,
use pool filter sand / gravels .
Substrate is important for both shrimp whether is it soil or sand and gravels, it allows the bacteria to live in which is great for the whole eco-system of the aquarium with or without aquatic plants.

4. Lighting

Light is a must for every living creature and even us humans. So how bright must the lights be for a shrimp tank ? The answer is , it doesn’t matter. Low light leds works fine enough as long as it please your eyes. But for those who plan to install stronger led lights above the tank make sure you provide something in for them to take cover and hide. Hi-Light will not kill a shrimp but it cause stress when there’s nothing for them to hide away from the light when they feel like to so providing shades for shrimps is essential.
What is recommended to place in shrimp tank -:
  1. Moss
  2. Cholla Wood
  3. Driftwood
  4. Shrimp Cave
  5. Ceramic Shelters
  6. Plants
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