How To Setup & Cycle A Shrimp Tank

All you need to setup one establish tank

There are many ways you could setup your shrimp tank , it could be pack with commercial products , fancy equipments or even as simple as just with sponge filters. Don’t get me wrong, you really could do so
* if you know what you are doing

Here’s THREE types of videos of Shrimp Tank Setups That I’ve Made In The Past , You Could Take It As A References And Build One Of Your Very Own

The first one would be this Neo Caridina Shrimp Tank Setup which considerable simple process

The second one here is a one setup which is packed with commercial products ( well I used them because I have plenty of them laying around )

so it is up to you , but my recommendation is to keep it simple, you don’t need these much of products to be in it but less is more, if you would love to add them, just add in lesser portion %

The third one is by far my favorite setup so far , I believed that I’ve just increase the area of bacteria able to maximize their colony within the tank !

Although this isn’t the looks that everyone would love to see a box appearing in the tank but to be honest, after sometime you wouldn’t even mind if you noticed that it is doing great for your shrimp tank , it’s extremely beneficial !

Well I hope this 3 references of shrimp tank setups aids you in some sort of ways, if you have any questions please feel free to drop your comments down below and I will try my best to help you out!

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