Common asked questions of berried shrimps

Shrimp Keepers finds this the most interesting and exciting part of the hobby. Watching the shrimps you bought living happily in the tank and then starts breeding for you, soon you’ll be able to see cute little shrimplets all over the tank.
Questions are often being asked and I will answer you below,

– I had a berried shrimp, what should I do ?
Maintaining a good water quality with temperature between 26-28

– Do I need to feed more ?
Yes, feed a good amount of food to ensure the health of the new born too

– Do I need to separate the berried shrimp ?
No, you do not need to separate the berried shrimp unless you have fish in the tank and you wished to increase the survival rate of the shrimplets

– How long does it take to hatch ?
It takes between 21-28 days

– Do I feed the shrimplets like how I normally feed the adults ?
Yes, and I also recommend baby shrimp foods to increase the survival rate of shrimplets

– What else do I need to take note of ?
Provide places to hide for all shrimps eg. Moss / Plants

– Why and How to encourage their growth rate ?
20% Water Change Every 2-3 days / Once a week

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